Friday, 22 June 2018

New Launch Oriflame The One BrushStroke Eyeliners Shades, Swatches, Application

Hello my beautifuls, today I am bringing a very interesting and colourful post. Those who love experimenting with colours would definitely enjoy this piece of information from me. I will be talking about the new launch Oriflame The One BrushStroke Eyeliners today and will be swatching all the 4 shades available.

About Oriflame The One BrushStroke Eyeliners :
Lines your eyes with electrifying colour inspired by the catwalks. The ONE Brush Stroke Eye Liner’s smooth and intense liquid formula goes on smoothly for even, precise lines with a shimmering metallic twist. Customise your look with the fine brush applicator. Want thin, delicate definition? Not a problem! Or are you more of a bold, strong line kind of girl? It’s up to you. In shades that complement all skin tones.

Price: Rs. 449 Available here at best possible discounts (starting from Rs.220)

Packaging: Oriflame The One BrushStroke Eyeliners come in a funky black packaging with the back of the holders as a shade indicator.

My experience: I love liners that have precision as those are totally buildable. Oriflame The One BrushStroke Eyeliners have very precise tips and really can form a perfect line in just a single stroke. There are 4 shades available:

1. Frosted Blue: A beautiful metallic indigo shade 

2. Twinkly Green: A very pretty semi metallic green

3. Hypnotic yellow: A matte ochre yellow

4. Brilliant Black: A true brilliant black

The pigmentation of the Oriflame The One BrushStroke Eyeliners are amazing. Just a single stroke and you are sorted. The stay power is also very good. I had used coloured pencil eyeliners before but was not that impressed. But this launch from Oriflame has left me wanting for more colours in the range like purple or brown. Seldom have i seen such brilliant colour pay off in coloured liners. I applied without using any primer or even foundation/concealer. And the result was outstanding. Those who love to play with colourful looks, this eyeliner is a must-have in your kitties.

Rating: 5/5

Oriflame The One BrushStroke Eyeliners are one of the best recent launches from Oriflame India. The colours are really vibrant, the stay power is amazing and it hardly smudges. The most important part is the wonderful precision and the color pay off. A very strong recommendation from my end.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Ryaal Grapefruit Smoothie Vitamin C Mattifying Face Moisturizer Review

Hey beautifuls, thank you so much for the love that you show towards my blog and youtube. I get a lot of questions regarding oily skin care. Unfortunately I am someone with very dry skin and it is quite difficult to recommend the right products that I have used and that would be suitable for those with oily skin. But recently I am using to products for review purpose and I would rate them as really good for oily to combination skin. I had already reviewed the Ryaal Make Me Glow Revitalizing Face  Mask in my last post, which is incredible for a flawless skin and mostly suitable for oily ones. Today I will be talking about a comparatively new launch Ryaal Grapefruit Smoothie Vitamin C Mattifying Face Moisturizer.

About Ryaal Grapefruit Smoothie Vitamin C Mattifying Face Moisturizer :
This is not a cream but a skin food. Nourish your skin with this cream after bath in the morning or whenever you feel like pampering your skin. Apply a pea size amount to your face while massaging in upward circles. Repeat the same for your neck.

Price: Rs. 499 Available on Amazon

Packaging: The Ryaal Grapefruit Smoothie Vitamin C Mattifying Face Moisturizer comes in a black tub packaging.

My experience: Since I have dry skin, I look for moisturizer that are emollient and gives a dewy finish to the skin. Quite contrary to my requirements, Ryaal Grapefruit Smoothie Vitamin C Mattifying Face Moisturizer is a truly and supremely mattifying moisturizer. So much so, that even if you apply a dewy sunscreen on top, it stays matte for the entire day. Such a good news for oily skin or those living in severe humid climatic regions. This moisturizer almost turns powdery on my dry skin and I feel quite dry and stretchy on the cheeks and areas around my mouth after some time. So I would say its a no no for dry skin.

Ryaal Grapefruit Smoothie Vitamin C Mattifying Face Moisturizer has some interesting ingredients, and its very surprising that a product with Vitamin C can be a mattifying one too. I have generally observed that Vitamin c serums and moisturizers in general are really good for dry skin, but this one is an exception. The texture of the cream is absolutely like a smoothie- fluffy and light. It immediately gets absorbed into my dry skin. 

Ryaal Grapefruit Smoothie Vitamin C Mattifying Face Moisturizer is an absolutely dream come true for oily skin. its the most mattifying non-makeup product I have ever seen. I strongly recommend it for those with oily skin. 

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Max Factor Dark Magic Mascara

Though this is Max Factor's latest mascara, it's been a while since it launched and like most of their releases of the past years, it has a plastic comb. I like most of Max Factor's such mascaras because they know how to combine definition with great volume and particularly their Voluptious is amazing. Dark Magic mascara is nice too, but it hasn't quite wowed me as much as Voluptious.

The plastic brush has short bristles and a double hourglass design. Since the bristles are short, it doesn't comb the lashes as easily as Voluptious and I need to comb them slower, so I can make sure I catch every lash, however, it's a far more comfortable brush. It's still great for definition and it deposits enough product on the lashes in two coats for a good level of volume, which is similar to Voluptious. However, though the effect is nice, it fails at the most important thing for me - lifting and holding the lashes, even if I curl them. A mascara can create amazing volume, but if it doesn't hold my lashes up, it's like I didn't use much mascara. If you don't have problems with difficult to curl lashes, Dark Magic will work just fine for you.

Formula is one of the thicker ones, but not the super wet, messy variety.  Overall, it's not the type of mascara that would make much of a mess, which I appreciate. It's also fairly easy to remove.

The packaging has a partly rubberised cap, which makes it easy to hold, however, it also attracts dirt and the mascara never looks pretty and clean.  

Mascara cost 14.99€.

To me this is merely an ok mascara, but purely because of the poor curl holding abilities. If I don't take that into account, it a nice defining + voluminous mascara. However, Max Factor has done a lot better and in particular I got more impressive results from their Voluptious mascara. 

Have a great day!

*PR product.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Ryaal Make Me Glow Revitalizing Face Mask Review

Hey beautifuls, for the past few months I have seen the skincare brand Ryaal in every blogger's testing table. I have been using their argan oil for long and am a big fan, but had never tried any of their skincare items. So I decided to give it a try and got the Ryaal Make Me Glow Revitalizing Face Mask.

About Ryaal Make Me Glow Revitalizing Face Mask: 
A Powerful Blend Of Sandalwood Powder, Sandalwood Oil & Orange Peel To Take Care Of Your Dark Spots & Dull Skin. Sandalwood And Turmeric Also Soothe Skin And Heal Acne & Acne Spots. Orange Peel Powder & Almond Seed Meal Scrubs Away Dead Skin And Clogged Pores Revealing A Brighter & Clearer Skin. Aloe Vera & Rose Powder Nourishes Your Skin And Keep It Youthful & Glowy. Get Instant Glow For A Party Makeover In One Use. Use Regularly To Enhance Your Complexion And Maintain A Permanent Glow.

Price: Rs. 499 Available on Amazon

Packaging: The Ryaal Make Me Glow Revitalizing Face Mask comes in a black tub.

My experience: As a kid I used to get lot of rashes and redness on my arms and back. My mom used to apply sandalwood powder paste on those areas and I remember it used to get better. I enjoyed the smell. Ryaal Make Me Glow Revitalizing Face Mask has brought back the same concept of getting rid of skin related issues with the aid of Sandalwood as the power agent. This mask has a clay consistency which is great because you can apply directly from the tub and dont require any diys to make a mask. The smell is funny though as I was expecting a nice sandalwood fragrance but it came out to be a completely different scent with a very subtle hint of sandalwood aroma. You have to apply a thin to medium layer of it on your entire face and leave it for 10-15 minutes till it dries out. If you will apply a thick layer chances are that it will take ages to dry out :-( . On rinsing, you can feel that it has given a very fresh face with a brighter complexion. 

Now the ingredient list of this mask is interesting. It has orange peel powder and turmeric powder also. All these 3 active ingredients are known to even out complexion and make it brighter. And the mask exactly does that. I can see other ingredients like aloe vera, tea tree oil, fuller's earth and kaolin clay too. I think the presence of the latter 2 makes it a bit drying for my kind of dry skin. So once i rinse it off, I feel a bit dry on the cheeks and around my mouth. However, my complexion is much freshened and brightened, terming is as glowing or radiant will not be proper though. But I feel those with oily, combination skin can get that results too.

Rating: 4/5

Ryaal Make Me Glow Revitalizing Face Mask is a very good mask to revive tired skin. As suggested by the brand yes, it can actually brighten up skin at one use with freshness and clean feel. It also softens the skin to some extent. But as I said, it may prove to be a bit dry for those with dry skin. So, immediate use of moisturizer or a hydrating serum is recommended. Its a great pick for those with oily/combination skin

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Max Factor Honey Lacquer Honey Nude

I'm not one to wear lip gloss a lot and for years I've been more of a matte liquid lipstick kind of girl, though Revlon's Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour, which have a creamy-glossy finish, are some of my favourite because they are so incredibly comfortable. As absolutely stunning as Honey Lacquers look, I admit I'd never buy it myself if Max Factor Slovenia hadn't sent me the first shade which made me fall in love with the formula and did the impossible - made me buy a lip gloss after several years. I have a review of Honey Rose already - it's a very pale cool pink that I find unwearable, so I picked the shade that is more to my liking, Honey Nude, which I think is one of those shades that would likely fit just about everyone.

Texture: I already talked about it in my original review, so I'll keep this short, focusing on the swatches, but it's a thick, creamy and quite pigmented lipgloss with a creamy version of a glossy shine. It's super comfortable and non-sticky, so I wear it instead of a lip balm during the day.

Shade: Honey Nude is a pinky-brown shade. Coverage is semi-opaque and this is the type of shade that compliments you natural lip colour, so I think it'll fit so many and it will very likely look a bit different on each individual, meaning more pink on some and more brownish-nude on others.

Scent: The scent is exactly the same as at their Silky glosses, so a vanilla type of scent.

Staying power: It last similar to Honey Rose and due to the thick formula it manages to stick on the lips for several hours. It won't look like freshly applied and glossy, but the colour is still there. 

Packaging: Another thing that drew me to this lip gloss formula is the packaging, which is the nicest one in the drugstore ranges. The gold details make it very glamorous. The doe foot applicator is a classic one and easy to use.

Price and availability: These cost 9.49 € in drugstores, which is way too much for a lip gloss in my opinion, but that's just me. I ordered mine on Salma.

I've worn this shade so much since I got it, so it was definitely worth the purchase. It's so comfortable, balmy, it smells nice (reminds me of my teenage years when I wore Silky Glosses) and I absolutely love the shade. It's such a great my-lips-but-better shade and I think it'll suit many different skin tones. These come in several other shades, I think we have four in Slovenia, but this is the only one I like.

Have a great day!

Monday, 11 June 2018

*New launch* Purplle Ultra HD Matte Lipstick in Pranks Partner 1 & Drinking Partner 14 Review, Swatches & Application

Hello pretties, hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was good, welcoming the monsoons in Mumbai, finally. Last week Purplle had launched its first in-house makeup product and that is the Purplle Ultra HD Matte Lipstick. I could not resist myself and picked up 2 shades from the range.

About Purplle Ultra HD Matte Lipstick in Pranks Partner:
Go back in time and remember the pranks you played on your friends and siblings. Get the same naughty shade for your lips to do all the talking. Purplle Pranks Partner Ultra HD Matte Lipstick is your go to shade when you want to paint the town naughty. Tag along with your favourite girlfriend and pull off some pranks which would make everyone around you laugh! Don't worry about re-application as it will surely last for a long - long time.

About Purplle Ultra HD Matte Lipstick in Drinking Partner:
This is supposed to be a very dark purple shade. There is no description on the website.

Price: Rs. 399

My experience: Purplle's new launch had been widely advertised online and the online shade indicators look really pretty. I did not like the black and gold packaging as it quite looks like the Rs.30 lipsticks that I had purchased from Ebay. I selected the lightest pink shade and a darkest plum shade, at least that's what the shades were appearing to be on their site. When I received the product I was quite surprised to see the quite secure packaging the lipsticks were. They come in plastic covers and the top lip is magnetic. But my shock started when I opened the shade Pranks Partner. It does not by any means match the shade that has been shown on the site. In fact quite contrary to the pretty light barbie pink, it is a very striking fuschia with heavily blue undertones. It has a nice holographic effect which comes after applying few layers of the shade. So it is not at all pigmented. Also, I dont know why it is termed as Ultra Matte. At the most it can be close to a cream matte.

The 2nd shade Drinking Partner is slightly better than the other shade. It at least somewhat matches the shade that is shown on the website. The consistency is also slightly matte, but in no way ultra matte. Both the shades transfer a lot.  None of the shades are smudge proof, as described by the brand. The lighter shade does not give much colour at one swipe, again quite contrary to the description. One thing I cannot deny is that the lipsticks are very hydrating. it does not dry out the lips at all. The stay power is also not great as it transfers and smudges a lot.

Rating: 2,5/5

Overall I am very disappointed by the new launch Purplle Ultra HD Matte Lipsticks. Although it comes at an affordable price, we have lots of other brands that have better lipsticks in this range and less.

Friday, 8 June 2018

The Balm Girls Getaway Trio Long-Wearing Bronzer/Blush

TheBalm has some of the best blushes in my opinion and their powder products in general are really good quality. I have a couple of their blushes, actually two of their most popular ones, Frat Boy and Hot Mama. On a daily basis I prefer more muted shades, so I don't wear them as often as I would if they weren't as bright and peachy, but I do pick them up more often in the summer. The Getaway Trio Palette contains three of theBalm's latest blushes, Balm Springs, Balm Beach and Balm Desert, all looked to me as the types of shades I'd wear because they looked like theBalm's try at less bright shades. All shades are sold individually, while this palette is a limited edition and a great value, so it's be great if they made it permanent.

Texture: Based on my previous experience TheBalm blushes they have a lovely finely milled, silky texture and these are no different. Pigmentation differs in this palette with Balm Spring being the least pigmented, so I need two layers, while Balm Desert is very pigmented, so I need a light hand. All blend beautifully and are never patchy.

Balm Springs

Balm Springs is completely different from what I imagined based on how it looks in the pan and based on other people's swatches. It's a very coral shade on me, a muted version, but still leaning strongly to orange. It's the brightest on the cheeks out of the three and as I  mentioned before also least pigmented. I'm not sure how I feel about this one yet, I hoped it's more pinky and less bright, but this might be too peachy for me. Finish is matte. For reference Frat Boy is a lot pinker than this, while Hot Mama is lighter, with gold shimmer.

TheBalm Meet Matte Hughes in Sincere on the lips

Balm Beach

Balm Beach again a shade that's a bit different than I expected based on the peachy looking pan, but this is the shade that I wanted Balm Springs to be, so a muted version of Frat Boy. It's a muted peachy-pink shade, more on the peach side than the pink and I have nothing similar, closest is the discontinued I'm Nuts About you by Catrice, but theBalm is more peachy. It's not as bright as Balm Springs, so I consider it easier to wear and it has a matte finish.  

Balm Desert

Balm Desert is classified as a bronzer/blush product and in the pan looks like a regular bronzer with a red undertone, but swatched it's a very unique shade. It's actually like you'd mix a bronzer with a rosy blush. Finish is satin. It's very pigmented, so I need to use a light hand it with, but it works as a contour/definer & blush in one. 

Staying power: Hot Mama and Frat Boy are the most long-lasting blushes I own and these are again very impressive. The colour is still very visible on the cheeks after six hours, so these can last a day if you don't have oily skin and also it depends on the base too.

Packaging: Typical for theBalm these come in a cardboard packaging with mirror. The outside features the combination of all three pictures on the original packaging of the blushes which have that retro feel that theBalm is known for. 

Price and availability: I bought mine on Lič for 22.99 €, but it's already out of stock as it's on the official theBalm website, but I heard it's sold in Müller here, though keep in mind this was limited edition. All three shades are sold individually and are permanent, so even if you miss the palette, you can always buy them separately. Individual blushes contain 6.35 g, while they are about the half of size in the palette, 3,3g per blush.

If you can still get the palette, it's worth the investment if you like such shades. If I run out of it or lose it, I'd repurchase Beach Balm because it's my favourite, but Balm Spring is better for very warm skin tones and those who love more coral-orange shades. Balm Desert is the most unique shade in here as it blends two concepts together, so a bronzer and a blush, so if you're interested in something like it, this one is lovely.

Have a great day!
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